Naar hoofdinhoud
Tot en met de tweede week van maart zullen er verbouwingen aan de wc's in het bastion plaatsvinden. Het bastion is hierdoor op sommige dagen minder toegankelijk. Voor meer informatie kunt u contact opnemen met het museum. We hopen op uw begrip.

Mini-lectures on group visit

You can book a mini-lecture at Sonnenborgh as a group. For example, when you visit the museum with a group. Or in addition to renting a room. Or as an original break for your guests at a party. We have a number of lectures in our repertoire. These are described below.

College in collegezaal

mini-lectures for adults

  • Destination solar system        
    From the Big Bang and the billions of galaxies that emerged from it, we travel to our own Milky Way and that one star we call the sun. From the sun, we travel past the other planets of the solar system, with their own moons and rings.
  • Birth, life and death of stars        
    A lecture on the birth and life of stars. We zoom in on the constellation of Orion and the famous Orion Nebula. You see how stars are born, 'mature' and die in different ways. And you find out where black holes come from.
  • The search for exoplanets        
    What are planets and how are they created? How can we see the planets orbiting stars other than the sun, the exoplanets? Could there be life there? What is needed for to sustain life and how can we determine that?
  • Galaxies        
    How did the universe develop from the Big Bang? We look at the formation of galaxies, the composition of our own Milky Way galaxy, colliding galaxies and the distribution of all those hundreds of billions of other galaxies.
  • Astrology in a nutshell        
    The sun, moon, planets, constellations, galaxies and big bang: all the major topics in astronomy are covered in this basic lecture.
  • What is Sonnenborgh in that big universe?        
    From a brief history of Sonnenborgh - the special bastion, the observatory and the KNMI on top of it - to high in the sky, to the life cycle of the sun.

Mini-lectures for children

  • See the moon shine through the trees        
    You see the moon very often, but have you ever looked at it closely? In fact, why does the moon sometimes look round and sometimes like a banana? And how do those craters on the moon form? Take the test and find out for yourself.
  • Stars, what are they?        
    Find out all about stars in this mini-lecture. What is the Milky Way, and why is it called that? What are constellations? Can you find Ursa Major, and the Pole Star? Why don't you see the same stars in the sky all year round? What is a star made of? And… does a star ever stop shining?
  • Our solar system: Travelling along the planets        
    There are eight planets orbiting the sun, yet only one has people living on it. How is Earth different from the other planets? How hot is it on Mercury and can you actually stand on Jupiter? Join us on a journey and get to know all the planets in our solar system. Step on the scales and find out on which planet you weigh less, and on which more.